Honda tri-colour wing – large


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Reproduction graphic printed on the best machines using top quality fade resistant materials to ensure the graphic looks great for years to come. 

From the far left of the black line around the H, to the far right of the black edge of the A it measures 137mm.

From the bottom of the black boarder around the A to the top of the black boarder around the top of the wing it measures 91mm

The graphic has a clear vinyl top coat to seal the graphic and give added scratch protection. 

After printing the decal is then profile cut to the correct shape.  

If they are going on a vehicle, they can be clear coated to seal them into the paint with any paint system (2K, water based etc) but NOT Cellulose based systems which will just eat the graphic.

You are buying a pair of decals (one left and one right)

Prior to installing the decal ensure the surface you are applying the decal on is clean and free from loose debris, grease, wax, oil etc as this will affect the adhesion of the graphic.

Not recommended for use on plastic tanks which ‘breathe’ as the fumes will affect the adhesion of the graphic.