38mm Marzocchi dust seal covers & 7mm seals & clips


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Set of 4, 38mm double lipped seals (the best!)  for 38mm forks.

The seals are 38 – 50 – 7  meaning 38mm inner diameter, 50mm outer diameter, 7m tall.  If in doubt look at the seals you are replacing they will have the sizes on them.  This is not a common set up, most 38mm forks just have the one seal that is 10mm tall in each leg.

They have the TC seal profile, meaning that they have a single seal and a wiper seal to help keep crud out and oil in!

The kit also includes a pair of dust seal covers that go on the top of the fork slider, to give an extra level of protection and keep the crud away from the seals.  The dust seal covers have MARZOCCHI in small raised lettering on one of the angled faces.

To complete this kit a pair of new stainless steel clips that help hold the dust seal covers in place are included.