Marzocchi New Old Stock 32mm forks


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New old stock (NOS) Marzocchi forks with yokes.  Removed from the box to take the pictures!

32mm tubes

Ideal for a trials bike upto 250cc, C15, Cub, James, DOT, Bantam etc.  have seen them fitted in B40s even a 3TA.

Painted military green which can be left as is, paint stripped to bear metal and left or stripped and then polished ~ you decide.  Or of course cut them up to slip inside British bottoms for fiddle forks.

One slider has no brackets the other has a male lug that will locate in the back of a brake plate.  No other lugs on either slider.

They have never been fitted to a bike before.  Complete with yokes, stem, bar clamps etc.  Please assume you will have to modify the stem or fit a new one to suit your frame!

They are just shy of 30 inches long from the top of the tube to the centre of the spindle hole.