Rickman Metisse and Avon stickers


A pair of Rickman Metisse and Avon decals.

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A nice finishing touch for your Metisse.

A pair of Rickman Metisse decals.  Replicated from the originals on a MK3 Triumph Metisse.

Comes with a pair of the “Avon” decal that goes on either side of your tail piece.

Top quality digitally printed graphic on clear material with permanent adhesive, then over laminated with a clear laminate to protect the graphic from scratches, oil, dirt etc. The text is in bright gold.

The pictures don’t really do them justice. Decals don’t get any better than this. Treat your pride and joy to a new set!

Clean the surface that you want to apply the decal on so that it is free from oil, grease, muck and filth, then peel pack the sticker, carefully apply and press into place.  Voila!

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