Titanium 15mm spindle with nut.


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Titanium 15mm front axle with titanium sleeve nut and titanium washer

Maximum length of shaft from end to end is approximately 240 mm.

20 mm section is approximately 55 mm long and has a counter sunk allen bolt in the end of the shaft to stop it rotating when installing / removing.

Main shaft is 15mm diameter and just under 185 mm from the shoulder of the 20mm section to the end of the threaded section.

Length of threaded section is approximately 20 mm.

Titanium sleeve nut is included with flanged hex head and washer so the nut can rotate without gouging into the slider during installation.  The diameter of the sleeve nut is 20 mm and has a length of 42mm from the underside of the head to the end of the nut.  The washer fits over the sleeve nut and has an approximate thickness of 2 mm.