Bultaco domed tank stickers with long Bultaco stickers ~ design 4


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A pair of new BULTACO decals to fit in the recess of your tank or go on a flat surface.

Digitally printed on high quality materials with a domed resin surface to match the originals.

Included with every pair of round decals are a pair of long BULTACO decals.

They are digitally printed on clear vinyl and then laminated to protect the graphic.   The clear covering is 240mm wide and 40mm tall.

Before applying make sure the surfaces are clean, no grease, oil, muck, filth etc.

Peel the decal from the backing and gently place in the correct position then rub from the centre outwards to ensure the decal sticks correctly.

Press, press and keep pressing which is particularly important with the domed decals!