Ceriani 35mm fork nuts – Laverda road type


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Pair of new Ceriani fork nuts to fit 35mm tubes with parallel topped tubes.  They are sold in pairs.  You are buying two nuts, one for each tube.

The Ceriani forks were standard fitment on Laverda road bikes like the 750 SF but have now found their way onto many other bikes.. 

They are all new.  Stainless steel washer included.  New O ring, new valve mechanism, titanium screw in the top etc. 

The head is larger than 35mm to you have to remove the nuts in order to remove the tubes from the yokes.  They are very similar to the other Ceriani fork nuts with the large head, but these are shorter in height and have a different thread, so make sure these are the correct ones for your application.

A really nice piece of kit to replace your old ones.

Please make sure these are the ones that you need.  To my knowledge Ceriani made at least 4 different 35mm fork nuts over the years and they are not interchangeable because the threads are different and they have different head styles etc etc.

If you need help, please ask as it is important we get them right.