Ceriani New Old Stock 32mm forks


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New Old Stock 32mm Ceriani forks and yokes.

After Ceriani closed, SAMFIS took over production and build the same parts under the SAMFIS brand.

These forks are made by SAMFIS and were fitted to motorcycles like ASPES.

They have never been used and are covered in protective grease.

The will need a thorough service prior to use.  top and bottom yoke are included, some have steering stems.  No handle bar clamps.

Various colours (red, black, blue) if you have a preference for a colour, ask.  they look great when the paint is removed.  Paint can be chemically removed, blasted, polished etc, you decide!

Favoured by people who modify them to fit inside British slider, so externally they look like old British forks but internally they have much improved damping.

Very limited numbers available.  Make contact through the website prior to purchase.